• Ordered by max inlinks: view pages sorted by descending inlinks.
  • Pages without inlinks: pages that don't have internal links pointing to them (internal means from pages in the crawl perimeter).
  • Ordered by max outlinks: view pages sorted by descending outlinks.
  • By max ext. outlinks: view pages sorted by descending external outlinks (external means to pages out of the crawl perimeter, i.e. other domains if you crawl a whole domain).
  • Nofollowed pages: pages with nofollow meta robots or nofollow X-Robots-Tag.

Linking issues

Broken links

  • Has broken outlinks: pages with 4xx status outlinks, see quickly the number of broken outlinks per page.
  • Broken outlinks (source and target): find all the broken links and export them to Excel.

Redirected links

  • Has permanent redirected outlinks: pages with 301 or 308 status outlinks.
  • Internal redirect chain: page redirected to a page which is also redirected.

Note: the columns inlinks, outlinks, broken outlinks, external outlinks show the number of unique links.