Analytics report

To get data in this report you have to connect Hextrakt to your Google account in the configuration window (APIs tab). If you manually stop a crawl, Hextrakt will neither get Google Analytics nor Search Console data.

Active pages

A page is active if it has at least 1 organic (SEO) visit as a landing page during the last 30 days (last day excluded: until day-1) in Google Analytics. Use the “Active pages distribution” graph by depth or by tag to quickly identify issues or optimization possibilities.

Orphan pages

A page is orphan if it was not found by Hextrakt but it has visits in Google Analytics or SERP impressions in Google Search Console (beware of wrong orphan pages if you exclude URLs in crawl settings: internal URL only linked from excluded URLs will not be in the database).

SERP impressions

Number of impressions of the URL in Google SERP during the last 30 days (last 3 days excluded: until day-3).