About us

We decided to create the SEO crawler that we wanted: a powerful yet affordable crawler that crawls all pages very quickly without stressing the computer nor without stressing the server, computes the data and presents it in a user-friendly interface.

Hextakt is a desktop crawler that really helps technical SEO.

hextrakt team

Jean-Michel Meyer: left brain of the team, senior IT architect. After 15 years of experience in software development, he has specialized in web architecture. If you ask him "What is the best code?" he will answer you "No code at all!".

Olivier Meyer: right brain of the team, SEO and web analytics consultant, 15 years of experience in web and webmarketing, CESEO certified. If you ask the Hextrakt designer - and happy user - "What is the best SEO audit tool?" he will answer you "The grey matter!".

Less is more: we are constantly looking for efficiency, writing less code and focusing on useful information (no unnecessary data, intelligible and usable UI). We designed Hextrakt this way, and we will keep up our efforts in this direction.

Any feedback about hextrakt is welcome, we'll try to improve it as much as possible (but it will never make tiramisu). Follow us on twitter to get our latest news, technical SEO tips and product updates.