Large crawls

Written in C++ with an adaptive and asynchronous technology, Hextrakt handles the client and server resources, which enables you to crawl millions of URLs.

Data visualization

Focus on KPI with useful dashboards providing actionable insights. Hextrakt processes data, you get more time to work on your SEO.

URLs tagging

Categorize your URLs to view KPI and issue distributions by tags (e.g. thematic or templates) to find out what to improve.

URL explorer

Create your own filters and requests to get meaningful data and reuse it in custom reports, even with the free version.

Google APIs

Google analytics and Search console integration bring powerful KPI to boost your SEO, such as active pages, orphan pages, SERP visits or impressions...

Compare crawls

Use the compare crawls report to view new or removed pages, errors and warnings, to monitor your SEO over time.

First things first: technical SEO

A technical audit is an essential step when performing an SEO audit, the bedrock on which we rely. It will provide a useful, clear overview of a website, as well as issues and precise indicators for in-depth analyses. Technical aspects play a very significant role in SEO, all the more so for big websites, because […]

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